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Cidade de Silves

Come and visit the called Barlavento Algarvio, that´s the western part of Algarve, you can visit beautiful cities, such as Silves (Xelb), the old Moorish capital of the Al-Garb, the old town is dominated by its imposing red sandstone castle;

Lagos - Once the capital of Algarve much of this historic town was destroyed in the earthquake of 1755. Parts of the town´s fortified walls remain and there is a small fort and beautiful churches. Lagos has style with its sleek boats, designer Boutiques and paved promenades. Come with us on a tour to this historic place where the era of the Portuguese discoveries began in the 15th Century;

Portimão - is a pretty city with a modern structure. Animation, sunshine, shopping and sardines are linked to Portimão. There is also a connection between the fishing activity and the Portimão port. Don´t be surprised if you see many tourists looking for the unique taste of grilled sardines on the old Portimão quay, where they are only washed in the sea and grilled on charcoal.

Caldas de Monchique - is one of the most charming places on the Algarve wedged between thickly wooded hills and famous for its Spa and its bottled water; locals say that just a drop will add years to your life. The highest point in Monchique is Foia (950m) that on a clear, mist free day offer quite breathtaking views of the coastal plains.

The fortress of Sagres the birth place of the Portuguese discoveries, Sagres is also famous for its St. Vincent Cape, here you stand before the cape of the world, where the land ends and the sea begins.

All of these places are full of history, places to visit and remember later on, and where you can taste the true flavour of the food of our region. Come and you will not regret...

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